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Its a culmination of thoughts which came together during the pandemic of 2020. ANAND FOODS is curating a versatile range of "Homemade" products, whose recipes are age old but a part of every single Indian household.

Our research & trials have been going on for years together now, but to come into business, it took us 9 long months so that all our end products have cleared the most important laboratory tests and gained all required licenses to be introduced into the food market.

Anand Foods is an enviable niche for HOMEMADE & high quality NON-PROCESSED food products.


By the founder

Our journey began 25 years ago, when for the first time I was introduced to my mother in-laws’s ancestral dry mango pickle recipe, which she had inherited from her mother almost 50 years back.

This dry mango pickle was more like a personal family recipe, running the blood for more than 75 years & has been passed from one generation to another.

Being a gourmand & a part of the delhi food industry I had complete faith that this pickle has the capability to tickle every taste bud it lands on.

-Satish Kumar Ishpunani


Super happy with the quality of products that Pickle Singh sent. Me and my family love their products. Our meal is never complete without their mango pickle.

Apurva Wagaskar


I recommend their products to everyone. The taste is by far superior than any pickles that I have ever tasted. I also like that they always put the customers first.

Yogita Katare


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