Happiness is still Homemade

Our Pickle recipes have been passed down from one generation to other for 75 years now. We believe that our Pickles will not only taste good but also fill your heart up with nostalgia.


Taste that takes you to the traditional kitchen

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Every product of ours is handmade with love

Make your food better

Check out our wide range of masalas and pickles. Get homemade at the best prices. 

High-quality pickles

Check out the different varieties of pickles.

Tasty Masalas

Check out the different varieties of masalas

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We value our customers and their opinions. We would like to hear about your recommendations or places where we can improve ourselves.

You can also contact us  for more information on how we prepare our products. We guarantee 100% authenticity in our products and in the way we manufacture them. This is the sole reason why we say: Happiness Is Still Homemade.


This is what our customers say about us:

Super happy with the quality of products that Pickle Singh sent. Me and my family love their products. Our meal is never complete without their mango pickle.


I recommend their products to everyone. The taste is by far superior than any pickles that I have ever tasted. I also like that they always put the customers first.


All our masala needs are fulfilled by Anand foods. Their garam masala tastes just like how you would make at home. Everyone from my friend circle always reorder from them.


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